Covid cases in China probably higher than official figures, say experts

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Covid cases in China probably higher than official figures, say experts

Covid News Updates: According to experts, China could have more than a million Covid deaths in 2023. Official Chinese statistics are no longer a trustworthy indicator.

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Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya addresses Lok Sabha on COVID-19 situation

– From the last few days, Covid cases have been rising in the world but in India, cases are depleting. We are seeing rising Covid cases & deaths due to it in China.

– The states have been told to sequence the positive samples. The states have alerted ahead of the festival season.

– The health department has been quite proactive in managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

– The central govt has provided financial assistance to states in fighting against the pandemic. So far, 220 crore covid vaccine shots have been given.

– The random sampling of RTPCR testing for atleast 2 % passengers coming from abroad has been started

We’re all prepared, and have administered precautionary doses: Rajasthan Health Minister

“We’re all prepared. We’ve administered precautionary doses. Monitoring & testing are being done. We have resources for testing. As of now, only a few cases are coming up but there is no such situation that would worsen the scenario,” said Rajasthan Health Minister Parsadi Lal Meena.

“If such a situation comes up we will definitely issue a guideline – masking up, social distancing. But such a situation hasn’t come yet,” he added.

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