No ‘nikah’ if there is music and DJs at weddings, warn clerics in UP’s Bulandshahr

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No ‘nikah’ if there is music and DJs at weddings, warn clerics in UP’s Bulandshahr

Prominent Muslim clerics in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh have announced that they will not solemnize ‘nikah’ if there is singing and dancing at the wedding ceremonies, IANS reported.

“If a wedding has a DJ, singing and dancing, we will not solemnize the nikah,” said Qazi-e-Shahr Maulana Aarif Qazmi, after addressing a meeting of Ulemas and clerics. Qazi-e-Shahr Maulana Aarif Qazmi told the reporters that singing and dancing at weddings was not a part of Islamic culture and amounted to overspending money on the occasion. The cleric said that the Ulemas wanted to rid the Muslim society of social evils and ensure that the girl`s side is not made to bear the additional financial burden.

Earlier too, an influential Islamic Cleric from Deoband, Uttar Pradesh had said that dancing on DJ songs during nikah is “unIslamic” and qazis will not conduct such weddings.

Several fatwas have been issued by various Islamic clerics to Muslim women for doing what is considered culturally popular, like clicking selfies or wearing ‘designer burqas’. “Veil and burqa are supposed to save women from prying eyes. Women in Islam are not allowed to wear ‘body-hugging outfits’ or ‘designer burqas’”, said one of those fatwas.

One such fatwa was issued against a Muslim man who had pledged to donate his organs to the needy after his death. The fatwa said organ donation is ”illegal and un-Islamic.”

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Similarly, a fatwa issued by the Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband said that Muslim families should avoid marrying men and women who work in banks as the money earned through interest is illegitimate in the eyes of Islam. (IANS)

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